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Lawrence library set to release new deck of banned-books trading cards /


One of Lawrence’s most endearing collector’s items will be back on the market next week when the Lawrence Public Library celebrates the freedom to read by handing out trading cards of banned books designed by local artists.

The designs of this year’s deck of seven cards, and the artists behind them, will be announced Sept. 18 at 7 p.m. in the library’s auditorium at 707 Vermont St. The following week, from Sept. 21-27, during the nationwide Banned Books Week, the library will hand out one card per day for free.

What a brilliant library marketing idea! How are our tumblarian friends commemorating Banned Books Week?

Hooray for my local library!

Love my town. Does your town have a zombie walk?

» The lesson here? Perspective is everything.

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I have not laughed this hard in a while. Well worth watching!

Plot ideas abound.
Thanks to gapingvoid


Stan Lee: “When you have a library card, it’s like having a key to all the information in the world.” 

Stan Lee. ‘Nuff said.

From Grammarly’s Facebook page.
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